Our favourite kids’ beach shoes and flip flops

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Now that the summer is really here with the beautiful weather and a rise in temperature, you need to make sure your children’s feet are cool and healthy.

Choosing some good practical beach shoes or flip flops is a step in the right direction.

Sweaty socks and hot trainers can encourage fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot, so encourage your kids to get their feet out of their shoes and trainers, and let them breathe.

Walking barefoot around the house and garden is very good for foot health during the summer.


Some of our favourite beach shoes are by Crocs. There is a huge range of styles including the Classic clog, flip flops with backstraps – the Classic Kids Flip, and also a Slide.


From the classic Brasil Logo style to the elegant Slim style these flip flops come in a range of colours and designs, including the new Slide. They are easy to wear and easy to pack for your summer holidays and a practical and stylish choice for your children for the beach, the garden and by the pool.


Another Brazilian favourite – Ipanema flip flops come in lots of colourful designs. The soft, spongy footbeds make these beach shoes a firm favourite for comfort, especially the Ladies Tropical style with the anatomically-shaped footbed. These are very popular with the older girls and mums alike. Always a favourite with the kids is the Rio, which comes in a host of colours.

Aqua shoes

These are a relatively inexpensive option for the summer especially if your child leads a very active lifestyle. They are great for clambering over rocks and hot or stony beaches and they are perfect for messing about on boats or doing lots of water sports. Plus these shoes will help to protect their feet if your children use communal showers when you go camping or swimming.

Aqua shoes are usually made out of neoprene uppers (wetsuit material) and rubber soles, with a very good grip. The neoprene is designed to dry quickly once the feet have come out of the water. When fitting these try to remember not to go too big with the size as they do tend to stretch when they are wet.


Some of our best selling Beach Shoes each summer season are the kids’ Timberland sandal range. With styles including Adventure Seeker and Perkins Row, they come in a selection of bright colours, all with Velcro straps, and their comfortable neoprene-backed lining with synthetic uppers makes them a very firm favourite.

The footbeds also have an anti bacterial property incorporated into them which eliminates that sweaty smell. These sandals are completely waterproof, so it makes them very practical and extremely popular with parents and children alike.


This is a fabulous product from the USA – an actual leather sandal with a special coating which is designed to get wet. You can ‘dress them up’ or ‘dress them down’ – so they ‘tick a lot of boxes’ for parents.

From the stylish classic Original, to the Sun-San Surfer or Swimmer with the more padded footbeds – they are available in lots of colours and different finishes including patent, matt or pearlised.


A new multi-purpose shoe at a great price; designed for the pool, the sandy beach, the bathroom and even the nursery or yoga class! Made from washable ‘swimsuit’ material and a non-slip sole they pack nice and flat into your luggage and come in a variety of colours and styles.

Jelly shoes

Jelly shoes are an inexpensive option for the beach, the pool or the garden. Some of them come with Velcro straps, some have buckles and some come with poppers (but look like buckles!)

These shoes can be easily washed or scrubbed, or simply dropped into the bath water after your children have bathed at the end of the day. Leave them to drain and they are ready to go for the next day!